May 24, 2024

Ways Through Which You Can Build Long Term Relations With Your SEO Clients

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Nothing beats the benefits that the internet provides for business owners. However, with the growth of internet, it has become one of the most competitive and toughest markets, known to us today. However, with the implementation of right internet marketing strategy, you can achieve the desired results. To your surprise, SEO and Social Media Marketing have evolved the world of marketing.

SEO is a great way for getting any website ranked in the top listings of search engines. But not a lot of people know about this. So in order to convince your customer about SEO, you need to educate him that SEO is an effective but a gradual process. To make sure your client understands this all, you have  include some statistics in your reports to show him the improvement which has been achieved by running the SEO campaign for his site.

Ways Through Which You Can Build Long Term Relations With Your SEO Clients

Most of the times clients are not patient with their SEO campaigns, even when everything is working smoothly. This is where you need to teach them that patience is the key with SEO work and only with patience and long term campaigns, can they achieve the benefits of SEO.

Given below are 5 tips which would help you in teaching your clients the required patience:

Rankings and Improved Work

It may already be included in your SEO work; however you need to make sure that your customer knows that the site on which the work is going on has gradually moved from the 100th to the 50th place in the search engine rankings. Through this way you can turn the tables in your favor.

Showing the Visibility

Another thing which you need to take care of is to analyze the traffic that is coming from a particular keyword. You can use Google Analytics, sources-> search-> organic and then scroll to bottom right to see the keywords that have generated traffic on clients site for a particular set of time period. If the number of impressions generated, are more than the number that was recorded before, this means that the required site’s  visibility is gradually improving

This would make the customer happy and would put off the time bomb away for some time.

Keeping your Customer Up to Date

Contacting your customer is not enough sometimes. However in many cases it’s recommended for you to stay in touch with your client, this means that you should contact him, before he contacts you, to make him feel that you are proactive and have not forgotten about his work. You can keep your emails rolling in his inbox as a way to show him that you are working dedicatedly on his project.

This way you would be able to build a long term relationship with your clientele. Providing small updates and communications can surely turn the odds in your favor.

Using other measures

You can also take help from other measures to show your client that you are doing the work just fine. In case the results are not there yet, you can show them other measures such as ‘tweets from fans, Facebook likes and sharing, number of pageviews per visit, bounce rate and number of subscribers etc.

In short you can take help from anything that can prove to him that your SEO work is slowly but surely effecting the performance of his site, to make him keep you on for the desired period of months, thus helping your business and his site’s SEO cause.

John Black is an extremely talented Business entrepreneur. You can always implement his tips to make your work better than before.He has also been involved as a consultant with many firms and has worked with Alex Miller as well.

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