May 20, 2024

Propel Your On-Demand Taxi Business With Bolt Clone App Solution

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Propel Your On-Demand Taxi Business With Bolt Clone App Solution

Booking an on-demand taxi is new “normal”. Being primary modes of transportation today, people are now booking their taxis with few taps on the on-demand taxi booking app. Well, yeah!! When the name comes up, Lyft or Uber is the first thing that comes to your mind. But, today we are going to discuss another successful taxi booking solution – The bolt app clone that takes pride in providing a convenient and comfortable ride to the people within the city.

What Is The Bolt Clone App?

Bolt clone app is inspired from “Bolt” formerly named as “Taxify” launched in Estonia. The taxi booking company now covers 40+ countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Bolt clone app comes integrated with the customized feature with your logo and brand to go with. Your on demand taxi booking solution app is inspired by the original design and layout, but since it is built on a scalable technology that has open-source code that lets you develop and modify your multiple ride booking app as per your business requirements.

Why Opt For Bolt Clone App For Your Taxi Business?

There are numerous online cab booking app clone scripts but, only a few can establish themselves. This only happens when you are offering them user-centric services. If you are looking for a taxi booking app clone source-code it means you wish to develop best taxi app clone.

Yes. Bolt is formerly known as Taxify, the Bolt clone app is successfully going viral and for obvious reasons.

Below are the advantages of developing the Bolt clone app:

    • Your on demand taxi booking clone software can be more than just cab rides – you can add other vehicles like e-bikes, two-wheelers, etc.
    • Adding variation to your transportation, the app can lift the business in your region
    • It offers quick and easy access to any time, anywhere.
  • A dynamic dashboard for the admin to manage the entire taxi booking activities, payments, commissions, driver verifications, profile management, etc.

Reasons To Have Dynamic Admin Panel?

The Bolt clone taxi app automates your entire taxi booking business making it more streamlined and organized. The taxi booking clone software can be built on either of these two business models i.e. existing taxi business or marketplace (where the app connects the user with the cab service provider/driver) thus, in any case, you will need to have a dynamic admin panel that will provide:

  • High demand booking zones – the feature is inbuilt with a GPS map that lets you identify the high demand zone, the region where the demand for taxi booking is more thus diverts your drivers that gets you more business.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting – it gives you detailed insights helping your business to work on the issues and loopholes for the betterment of the services. 
  • Push-notifications – It sends alerts and notifications about important announcements e.g. new offers, discounts, happy riding hours, new launch of the feature, etc.
  • Screening the drivers – The panel lets the admin screen the driver documents and verifies for “would-be drivers” for your taxi riding business
  • Real-time tracking – This provides the live location of the fleet/drivers and riders as well.

Concluding thoughts

By now you have known the rewards of building the Bolt clone app for your taxi booking business. Leveraging the taxi booking app clone can help establish your business in the on-demand industry making a brand name to remember. 

When looking for a ready-made on-demand taxi app clone booking solution, connect with a white label online cab booking app Development Company that has worked with a wide range of clients and has at least 1000+ on demand apps successfully launched in the App Store / Play Store. Take the test run of the live demo on both the platform to know how your taxi booking app clone will function, this way you can measure not only the app performance but the professionalism of the on demand mobile app development company you are planning to work with.

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