July 18, 2024

Running a Business with your Head in the Clouds

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When it comes to finding an ideal hosting solution, keep your chin up and look no further than the cloud. Cloud hosting has many benefits and is an ever-growing choice with businesses. Finding a good cloud host provider that offers transfer speeds of 1gbps unmetered, and that offers a barrage of great network features while providing exemplary service may take some time in your online searches, but knowing why to use the cloud is a complete no-brainer.

What’s in the Forecast? 

Scalability, for starters. The cloud can make your job (or the job of your webmaster) so much easier. Cloud hosting is composed of server plants that behave as one large storage facility and processor. The data is spread out over a plethora of hard drives that are all connected to one another and serve as one virtual disk with incredible capabilities. There is no limitation to the number of machines you can incorporate into your computing nucleus, or you can use just a few select devices. The scalability makes this option very attractive.

In case you are wondering where the upcoming winds of 2013 will be carrying the cloud, in an article published by Cloud Computing, former Oracle VP Jnan Dash forecasts that big data is on the way. When considering new Google tools such as Percolator, Pregel, Dremmel and Twitter Storm, cloud technology will be moving forward on several fronts. Also, mobility will play a major role. What with disruptors such as the iPad and Touch UI, IT will pick up its pace, and more tools on social computing for the cloud enterprise will sprout up.

So Why Not Wait to use the Cloud? 

Technology is one thing that always has, and always will, continue to advance. Waiting for “things to get better” is like Waiting for Godot. Cloud technology is already becoming widely favored and embraced by companies and corporations across the country. Some of these companies include Amazon, Netflix and Apple. Cloud providers are competing to bring more variety and flexibility to services that cater in span to the lucrative small business on your corner, to the larger and more conservative global corporations that rule their industries. While there are some companies that are holding back to use the cloud, others are taking those cautious first steps and find themselves engulfed in an exciting time to be a part of this revolutionary technology that changes the way business is run, while fighting tooth and nail to ensure the highest levels of efficiency. Another thing to consider is that cloud-computing technology slashes costs that can easily amass from other resources.

Modernity Means Initiative 

Not only do you want to showcase yourself as an industry leader, but being able to tell your clients and prospects that the way you do business is based off a newer and ever-evolving technology, will show others that you are innovative, take up the initiatives, and don’t back down from that which is new. To stay avant-garde is to embody the surveyor of endless opportunities. Be sure to do your online research and contact those cloud-hosting providers. See what company offers more for less, and prepare yourself for a wealth of success in the cloud.

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