June 17, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S4 Expected To Hit 10 Million Sales Next Week

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Are you a fun of the Samsung Galaxy S4? You must be celebrating as the flagship received a very warm reception in the market getting a great success that the company is very proud of even at the moment.

This Samsung Galaxy S4 which is considered to be the fourth generation Smartphone garnered up to six million sales in just two weeks after the release which broke the record of the previous Samsung Galaxy S3 which is its predecessor.

The sales of this Samsung Galaxy S4 is even expected to go up more in the coming week to reach up to ten million mark of the sales as the Samsung co-CEO explained. They are expecting to reach the mark of ten million one month after of the official introduction and launch of the Smartphone.

The Unique Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

• The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the 5.9 inch display. The screen for this Samsung Galaxy S4 like the mini have supper AMOLED screen and actually with the similar Pen Tile unit kind of the ones used in HTC One.
• It is also clear that the camera for this Samsung Galaxy S4 is an 8 MP camera that is just perfect for the wonderful pictures and videos.
• This Samsung Galaxy S4 is also having a 1.6GHz dual-core processor that is just like the one of the Galaxy Mega like the cortex –A15 that packs Exynos 5250. This is a good kind of the processor to have for such a current generational device.
• The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also well equipped with a perfect and latest operating system of the Android 4.1.2 as well as the latest Touch Wiz versions.
• This Samsung Galaxy S4 is also well equipped with the LTE and availability of use of the dual-SIM for the perfect communication of the users who love to use more than one SIM for their communication and other use.

Google and Samsung in Collaboration to Launch Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android

Samsung and the operating system company Google have collaborated to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android. This is a very wonderful idea as it will enhance the functionality of the device and make it very nice to users and user friendly.

It will also come with different unique features and apps for the users. This device will be available for sale from the 26th of June this year and it will be selling for $649.

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