May 20, 2024

Symantec Tech Will Render Clouds A Safe Place

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Symantec divulged its measures for ensuring that clouds are safer, faster and more efficient. It’s anticipated that in coming years enterprises would be operating on a united cloud platform where they would leverage virtualization and mobile computing in a safe environment. IT companies would have thorough insight, command over their private and public cloud solutions. For materialization of these possibilities, Symantec has made its expertise consisting of security, data storage and information management, available to companies. The provision of these services would enable companies to safely migrate to clouds in the not so distant future.

The cloud hierarchy and architecture is under continuous phase of change, currently. Statistics compiled by Symantec will be made public shortly which would display that utilizing cloud computing flavors such as public, private and hybrid, businesses around the world are already storing massive amount of data in the cloud. Malicious attacks sponsored by governments and perpetrated by criminals will have reputable data centers and renowned clouds as their targets. To cope with these threats all organizations irrespective of their magnitude will require a strenuous cloud approach and established industry associates to assist them comprehend the intricacies of cloud computing. Symantec is fully cognizant of organizational requirements and will help them seamlessly transition to safe clouds.

“Fujitsu and Symantec share a vision where cloud computing provides the competitive advantages, flexibility and protection our global customers need,” declared Cameron McNaught who serves as Senior Vice President, Cloud and Strategic Solutions at Fujitsu International Business. “Fujitsu recently completed a global survey of cloud decision makers and found 76% of respondents had concerns about cloud security. Symantec and Fujitsu together recognize the current challenges that organizations face when pursuing cloud deployments and together can help them move to the cloud with confidence.” He further added.

Symantec idea for Safe Clouds          

Overabundance of complexly interconnected clouds, architectures and devices hooked to cloud.

The popularity of cloud based applications and services will increase by leaps and bounds as it becomes populated with information in form of IT networks, public and private clouds, mobile devices and other connected and associative services. Enterprises are favoring hybrid cloud; an environment being hosted on private or public cloud, further variation is that this could be on site or off site. Things tend to become rather difficult in clouds when dealing with aspects such as security, data management and control.

Future clouds will be foolproof, fast and well-organized

In presence of safe clouds, organizations will shift classified customer and sensitive business information more readily. They will leverage the inherent benefits of the clouds such as foolproof security, data control and high availability whilst from customer point of view they will reap the benefits of increased productivity and ability to access cloud from mobile devices. Compared to traditional data centers, cloud will bestow boons like enhanced scalability, low costs and compliance.

Clouds will be the standard

With the rapid progression in the field of cloud it won’t be very surprising when IT firms will formulate new clouds from scratch. Companies will be entitled to inherent cloud benefits like lower costs and enhanced protection as new business models.

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