April 13, 2024

The Dozen Of Amazing European Cities That You Must Visit While You Are On Erasmus

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Erasmus is a unique program that is predicted to better the quality of European education. This is a chance to strengthen and develop European cooperation and international connections in educational sphere. The program supposes helping students and young perspective scientists to get education in the European universities. The program of students exchange gives a unique chance to make your educational process interesting and profitable. Do you think it is possible?

The big goal of Erasmus is getting knowledge, improving language skills to get fresh and positive emotions. This is also a good chance to make a pretty penny and learn different countries and their cities. Think it over! Never forget such glorious European cities as Paris, Rome and London. This is not the end of your journey! Look around! There are many beautiful cities that are also popular and attractive.


Rome, Italy

The beauty of the city you can get for one day. It is not enough to explore all interesting places. Where to start? Walk around the city, drink coffee, try the tastiest ice-cream and enjoy the beauty of monumental architecture – they are at every step in Rome!

Venice, Italy

This is a unique city, floating in the water. It impresses people with magnificent palaces and original narrow streets. The beautiful city channels are situated instead of usual stony roads. Gondolas are visiting card of the city. They are everywhere.

Bologna, Italy

Bologna is must have city in your list. The city is as beautiful as Rome and Florence. It is cozy and atmospheric. You can feel friendly atmosphere and special energy. There is the tallest tower in Italy that is taller than the Tower of Pisa. This is a great chance to study in the historical place.

Paris, France

Paris is a city of lovers and romantics. The sights of the city attract millions of tourists. The beauty of legendary Elysian Fields, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower and cozy streets that are full of croissant aroma in the air are printed in your mind forever. You know, Paris is a city where 250 000 of students get their education. This is a great opportunity to communicate with the leading scientists, get intensive course and pay nothing for study.

London, Great Britain

Everyone knows about Tower and Westminster Abbey form the school years. Never forget about Big Ban and elegant ancient villas – visiting card of London. The capital of Great Britain offers a lot of attractive opportunities to all students. This is the right place for cultural leisure, impressive libraries and progressive career in the sphere of finances, mass-media and arts.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Do you like architecture and arts? Prague is the best place to visit, then. The ancient buildings are in a good condition. It looks like you are in the past century. If you do not like big crowds, try to come to the city in autumn. Autumn is a good start for study. This is the season to feel the glorious gothic atmosphere of the ancient city.

Wien, Austria

Wien is the next country that is the easiest of access for foreign students. This city is worth visiting because of high living, rich cultural heritage, cheap education and big number of foreign students.

Brugge, Belgium

If you are tired of big and noisy cities and want to feel the fairy tale – welcome to Brugge. Belgium Brugge of the 21st century looks fantastic: small fancy houses, big castle and channels with swans.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona offers the best education in Spain. There are two prestigious universities in Barcelona. So, the price for education is more expensive than in the near-by France, for example. The main Barcelona characteristic is not only the big amount of students, but warm pleasant climate and various cultural living. As a matter of fact, coming to Barcelona in the first time, you are not the follower of Gaudi’s works, bright and glorious architecture, beautiful seashore, quiet parks and noisy streets. You need some time to realize that Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Europe.

University of Barcelona main hall

Reykjavik, Iceland

This is not a joke! You have a great chance to visit Reykjavik. This is not very popular, but worthy education direction for students on Erasmus. What is interesting in Iceland? Just hire a car in Reykjavik and try to observe the most interesting places on one drive. Is it possible? The volcanoes, ice-rivers, geysers, North lights are waiting for you. The most popular attraction for foreigners is bathing is geothermal SPA – real paradise. You cannot visit only attractions, enjoy the nature, but get education to be attracted with the cheap prices. This is true: it is really cheap and prestigious to get education in Iceland.

Zurich, Switzerland

Meet the cleanest and safest city in Europe. The price for living is not cheap. It is terribly high. Nevertheless, the prices for education for foreign students are not expensive, comparing with the USA or Great Britain. There is one more point – Zurich is situated in the territory of high beauty.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin and Munich take leading positing in the educational category of availability of education because of free education for local and foreign students. German capital attracts more and more students every year. The most of courses are taught in English to be comfortable for European students. Come and see!

Munich, Germany

Munich is a city of free education. Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider payment for food and accommodation. Students are attracted by the Bavarian culture and dynamic city life. Munich is amazing in its strength and beauty. You should come and see architectural gothic, football culture and Neues Rathaus. In short, Munich is a city of fundamental culture and fundamental education. Students exchange programs are available in all big German cities.

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Erasmus is very successful educational program for students and young specialists. You have a unique opportunity to be involved in the international internship. This is a priceless experience to work abroad and apply knowledge practically in different spheres.

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