May 20, 2024

The Relation Between Mobile Technologies And Cloud Platform

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Technology is advancing rapidly these days and innovation is what fuels the development. This steady improvement in technology has been a blessing and has made things easier for individuals as well as corporations. New devices are being created and numerous different applications are being introduced that save people a lot of time by simplifying things. Mobile devices are such a creation that lets users stay connected without any physical connection. New generation devices take into account the data requirements of users and offer digital data competence in mobile. While locally-stored data is always available and can be used anytime, how will data be accessed if it is not stored on the device?

In order to circumvent this problem, another latest technological innovation known as cloud computing was emerged. Cloud computing enables a device to communicate with a central repository in order to access the data irrespective of time or location. The basis of both these technologies lies with their ability to add the element of mobility for the user. This element is one of the reasons that form a relationship between these technologies.

Being able to access the cloud platform through a mobile device is a significant breakthrough in the advancement of both these technologies. Cloud computing and mobile technologies have numerous features that serve users in some way.

  • Flexibility is an example of such a feature, which makes these technologies alter their services to cater the user’s individual requirements. Latest mobile technologies and a lot of cloud platforms are providing us a glimpse of the existing technology infrastructure, which is sufficiently competent to fulfill the needs of users.
  • Scalability is also a supplementary feature that provides these technologies with the ability to upgrade or downgrade their services, as required. Scalability is what lures most users to these technologies and encourages their advancements.
  • Mobility is the most important factor these days. People want to be able to do practically everything anywhere. Where mobile devices let the users carry a medium which enables them to access data not stored locally, cloud platforms offer high availability, which covers the “anywhere” requirement, and accessibility to all data, regardless of the time, which takes care of the “anytime” part.
  • People always appreciate a technology that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. The design hides the technical complexity from the users, so the user gets to reap the benefits without having to delve deep into the how’s and why’s.

Another additional feature that utilizes both these technologies is enterprise mobility. This concept provides the entire staff with a way to stay linked with the company intranet – the local network of the company – whether the employees are within the confines of the organization or not. Enterprise mobility aims at enhancing the efficiency of the workforce by letting them access company data from any location.

BYOD or bring-your-own-device is yet another business concept that utilizes both mobile technology and cloud platform so that every employee can use their own device to stay connected with the company network. Deployment of a concept like this reduces a considerable chunk of money from the company budget and saves a lot of infrastructure maintenance cost.

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