June 25, 2024

Threats to Enterprises Because of Shift to Cloud Computing

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The growing trend of cloud computing has forced companies to migrate to the cloud. The movement to the cloud computing seems foreseeable and inexorable. Cloud computing also has its risks for its increased adoption and all these dangers will be discussed in this put up. The enterprises moving to the cloud computing are facing these threats.

Extremely split market

Usually the cloud computing market is a winner-take-all market. All the famous markets in the world like Google search, Facebook, iPhone, Windows etc. face either a duopoly or domination. These markets cause threats like deficiency of options or the providers have to face high pricing. The cloud computing has its own field and range where new companies are coming into one after the other which makes it highly fragmented.

For instance, in the customer cloud storage section, not less than seven enterprises are competing for being the market leader. Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, Google, Amazon and Apple are the major companies that keep cloud computing at the apex precedence. This certainly leads the consumers to an enhanced confusion where implementation of correct standards becomes difficult.

Deficiency of adequate standards

The high split of the cloud, soaring involvement and the massive enmity are those reasons which pose a threat to the implementation of required standards in managing the applications and data of the cloud computing. This suggests that the dream that all the data and applications will be moving between various CSPs will remain an illusion. Because of no proper standards of cloud computing, most of the companies do not like to use their money for modernization and incorporation in this field.

Data lock-in

The split and deficiency of standards in cloud computing also become important when you talk about the data lock-in, as data can easily be retrieved and moved to different providers with the use of cloud. The data of a company is important for its endurance, so the implementation of correct policies is required to avoid data lock-in.

Security issues

A company on cloud has all its important data and all the users exposed publically on the internet which could harm the privacy of the enterprise. There is a possibility that your data may be attacked by the malevolent cyber hackers. This is the reason that the sectors like finance and healthcare do not adopt the cloud computing trend. If appropriate practices are adopted, the public cloud can be made secure like the in-house server of internet. Anyhow, the hackers attack is still highly possible on public cloud and the public considers the cloud a system without any security, so they avoid the adoption of cloud computing.

Unavailability of the quality service

Microsoft Azure had to face a high service outage and thousands of companies suffered due to this in February. The rivals of Microsoft; Google and Amazon, also coped with a huge downtime of service in the near past. Although the cloud computing is maturing its technologies, the CSPs are also doing great job to avoid such service breakdowns. But still serious service outages can be seen from time to time due to getting ever busy cloud.

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