June 19, 2024

Top 4 Basis that Suggest Google Drive Will Not Kill Dropbox

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Will the Google Drive exterminate Dropbox and further computing services is the question that has been boggling our minds since Google got into the cloud storage business. This is a hot topic going on in the cloud computing industry. According to CIO magazine, one forum poster quoted: “Google Drive is going to devastate Dropbox. I hate to say it, Google being the big, bad corporate machine and all, but Dropbox is going to [hemorrhage] users unless they dramatically lower their prices (which could even require being bought up).”

Since majority of the targeted consumers already have accounts on Google, the switch shouldn’t be problematic especially when the cost is pretty striking (quite similar to Microsoft Skydrive). All of this in a way gives Google a lead already over the competition. Nevertheless, it is expected that Google Drive will exterminate Dropbox more or less like Wikipedia was exterminated by Knol, instant messaging was exterminated by Wave, Google+ exterminated Facebook and proposals by Google exterminated Groupon. Intimidation doesn’t matter here and same will be the case here too.

Below are few of the explanations why that can happen:

  • The example of Google stated above shows that Google is the guru of search but that doesn’t make it the guru of whole technology. In addition to that, the understandings of IBM, HP and Microsoft have revealed, it gets pretty difficult for a big business to contend with a startup moving with full force. All the associations have a positive basic ability. An organization such as Dropbox possesses better basic power than Google in this sector.
  • Dropbox’s main concern is the cloud storage. They will do almost everything they can to adhere on to their benefit. Whereas, Google doesn’t rely on this since it’s not its priority but an option.
  • History tells us that Google has been inconsistent in managing quite many of their services that are not of their core concerns. Last year, Google had to shut down almost ten of their services in one go. This also includes a few months old venture called Buzz. This raises the question, will Google be closing down Google Drive in one year. As an active user, you just have to wish for Larry to not change his mind with this as he did with other of his services. However, there are more chances of Google shutting G-Drive than Dropbox. The amount of uncertainty can stop the users from switching.
  • There is one sector that can help maintain Dropbox for some duration to come even if the conventional users fail. It is the apprehension about a lot of data being saved on Google. The arrival of Google eased a lot of tech users since they didn’t have to survive under the dominance of Microsoft. Nonetheless, its status because of that has taken some beating and some of the expert users have reservations regarding too much data being saved with one organization.

So the success or death of Dropbox is yet undecided!

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