June 17, 2024

Toshiba and NTT Com Team Up For Cloud Computing Services

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Toshiba and NTT Com Team Up For Cloud Computing Services

Toshiba Corporation and NTT Com have declared their alliance to provide cloud storage and infrastructural services worldwide. In a joint announcement, both the companies shared their consent towards this collaboration. The joint services are scheduled to be offered from April in North America and Asia. However, the Japanese allies are intended to expand these services to Europe and other regions in the near future.

Although both the companies have already been operating their respective cloud divisions, this partnership will help them expand their services worldwide. In this coalition, Toshiba will contribute with its hardware expertise, while NTT Com will invest its global telecom network to facilitate the clients in any part of the world. Let me spotlight how both the companies will cash-in on this new treaty.

Paybacks to Toshiba

Being a leading technology hardware manufacturer, Toshiba has the right expertise to build the equipment and hardware required for data center facilities. In fact, they can fabricate all the constituents of a data center on their own. Although, the company has been serving the enterprises with the cloud storage and computing services, still these services are limited to the local businesses. With the worldwide reach and well-established network of NTT Communications, Toshiba will be able to address the potential market across North America and Asia.

Toshiba and NTT Com Team Up For Cloud Computing Services

Paybacks to NTT Com

NTT Communications is a subsidiary of NTT Corporation that is specialized in providing telecommunication services across the world. Just like Toshiba, NTT has also been serving in the cloud computing sector, however their services lack in modern hardware and equipment to deploy huge and shared enterprise resources. With Toshiba’s knowledge and skills of building computer systems, storage devices, and other electronic appliances, NTT will be able to assimilate the high performance and massive equipment required to serve global markets on the air. Currently, NTT Com has its existence across 196 countries with over 150 data centers worldwide.

Industrial Analysis

As both the companies have the same country of origin, these can have a better association with common values. The latest cooperative agreement between NTT Com and Toshiba would certainly raise the concerns of the competitors in the market, as NTT Communications Corp is listed among the largest telecom service providers in the world. The parent NTT group however is ranked 29th in the Fortune Global 500. Residing in the center of Asia, both these companies have the opportunity to cover the Asian cloud market, which has a higher potential comparing to other geographical areas.

It is reported that Toshiba has already started supplying high-quality and high-performance storage system to the data centers of NTT Com. These will be used to elevate NTT Com’s Enterprise Cloud, a high quality Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). On the other hand, Toshiba’s Digital Product Division (DPD) has also announced to introduce a new cloud client manager, a service that would enable its administrators to manage devices across a deployment in real-time.

It is yet to see how Toshiba and NTT Com manage to pursue the leading cloud storage service providers and what competitive offerings they will make to its potential market.

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