May 30, 2024

Using Technology Bluetooth for Wireless etwork in your Home

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Bluetooth(tm) is a familiar word to both techies and not-so-techies. When considering constructing a Wireless network in your home, it’s tempting to rely on Bluetooth(tm) devices and connections. However, your neighborhood has good Ethernet service by a reliable provider. Which is better for you? Bluetooth(tm) technology uses radio transmissions to send and receive signals — communications — between devices.

As such, the signal strength is dependent on several factors, including distance, weather and obstructions.  While it’s not necessary to maintain a line of sight between devices, you do have to ensure there is nothing to obstruct signal flow between them. A main circuit, for example, a microwave and a refrigerator are common non-distance-related causes of a lost signal. Distance is very much a factor with Bluetooth(tm) devices: The signal doesn’t travel far. Beyond about 30 feet, your Bluetooth(tm) device isn’t going to work. On the other hand, choosing an Ethernet set-up offers the possibility of a much longer distance, for cat5 cables at allow anywhere from six inches to 300 feet of stronger, reliable connections.

The biggest drawback is, of course, the physical cabling itself. You have to tuck the cable out of footpaths for safety. Which suits you better? Using a Bluetooth(tm) connection to other computers or the Internet or the trustworthiness of a cat5 cable? Bluetooth(tm) technology is most desired by users when mobile, but fans often prefer the cable network when at work or at home.

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