June 17, 2024

Virtual Private Cloud-What you need to know?

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What is a Private Cloud?

A private cloud is based on the provision of cloud services that consist of dedicated resources according to the needs of your organization. It is a cloud computing platform based on your own hardware and software. A private cloud offers all benefits of a public cloud with added control over the entire stack.

A private cloud offers pools and actively distributes its resources over business, accordingly deploying quicker and scaled out services. Private cloud works on the concept of Dynamic Datacenter of an advance level. It creates a virtualized loch of resources for any organization’s infrastructure. Over the past few years, private cloud has become popular by supplying upper-level security and acquiescence requirements to huge enterprises. To meet the needs of customers within an organization, advancement in virtualization have been observed in industries.

Advantages of Private Cloud

A private cloud offers an enhanced service quality and saves the time, reaching the next level of IT service. It offers more security and compliance than most public clouds provide. It also serves as a good consideration for organizations, such as health care, to store their critical data at a more secure location preventing it from ending up in the wrong hands. A private cloud offers on-demand provisions for storage, virtual desktop and applications. It also offers the facility for the workload to be shared. With more flexible and mobile technology, private clouds offer end users an access to their business from anywhere.

While this form of cloud computing might not offer the same level of elasticity as provided by public clouds, it will always deliver an extra level of control that large organizations desire. Though the Economics may differ, in some cases, private clouds are more cost effective. All applications are lodged centrally within an internal network, simplifying IT management and, thereby, increasing the scalability and elasticity. Private clouds keep a track of the usage of resources and allow the users to add and destroy resources, as required, due to which companies are using private clouds to keep a check on their resource consumption

A huge concern for customers and corporate departments is data loss. Private clouds offer a solution for this. Private clouds, such as Egnyte Local Cloud, provide a foolproof solution by offering reverse back up of data. For corporate customers, the use of a private cloud, executing appropriate data backup and disaster recovery strategies, will considerably reduce the risk disastrous data loss.

Amazon VPC, Rackspace, managed private clouds and Microsoft private clouds are among the leaders of providing cloud services to organizations.

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