May 28, 2024

Zulahoo Selects ViaWest for Cloud Hosting Solution

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ViaWest’s KINECTed(TM) Cloud provides scalability tailored to specific demands.

Owing to cost effective solutions, customer services and on demand scalability, ViaWest became an obvious selection by Zulahoo to provide cloud solutions.

Based in North America, ViaWest is among the biggest privately owned data storage, cloud and managed service provider. It has declared that Zulahoo has opted for its on-demand cloud services with KINECTed(TM) Cloud podium. Zulahoo is an online platform for public trading. It is aimed at endorsing safe and cloistered associate services. Since it had been expecting fast growth, Zulahoo was searching for a cloud based solution providing scalability and flexibility.

Zulahoo needed to shift from its present physical framework to a virtual environment. So, it required to be associated to a cloud service provider offering fast and cost-effective scalability options. After taking into account many cloud service providers, it finally chose Viawest because it provided flexibility and assistance according to the organization’s needs. A team of specialists in ViaWest allowed Zulahoo to shift to the simulated setting cost-effectively. Moreover, ViaWest monitoring services enable Zulahoo to accomplish growth by following usability and deciding when additional resources, like CPE storage and processor power are required.

Chief Executive Officer Zulahoo, Jon Prichard says, “ViaWest has made our relationship not just about the services they provide, but about the partnership they developed with our team–As we prepare to grow our company, the ability to scale on-demand was a top concern in selecting a hosting solution. ViaWest not only provides the training and tool sets to manage growth, but their superior level of customer support is at the foundation of their success. There are many options for cloud solutions in the marketplace but the level of interaction and support ViaWest provides ensures our needs are always top of mind.”

Chief Technology Officer ViaWest, Jason Carolan states, “rapidly growing organizations like Zulahoo are faced with multiple decisions to consider for their IT infrastructure–ViaWest offers two resilient cloud platforms, a community cloud and a hosted private cloud, both of which provide the right mix between elasticity, price, and performance.”

“A partnership with ViaWest provides scalability, around the clock customer support and analysis of how efficiently customers are using the services they have selected,” John Greenwood, Regional Vice President of Sales and General Manager ViaWest continues, “The Texas region has seen tremendous growth from all types of clients including hosting, cloud computing, service providers and enterprises — all requiring reliable configurations tailored to their unique requirements.”

KINECTed(TM) Cloud actively provides resources relating to computing, storage and networking without burdening the budget. ViaWest uses two distinct platforms, a Xen-based hypervisor cloud or a VMware-based platform, to offer customized services to fulfill users’ requirements.

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About ViaWest

ViaWest, operating in North America, is one of the biggest private data center service providers in the region. Amongst their many services, co-location, cloud services, management services for all types of small and large businesses are the best ones. It owns 22 data centers distributed in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada. With its high quality and efficient services, customer needs are effectively met. If you want to know more about ViaWest, visit its website or call 1-877-448-9378. ViaWest can be approached on Twitter and LinkedIn. For any queries, feel free to contact Jaymie Scotto & Associates +1.866.695.3629.

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