May 30, 2024

Survey Reveals Benefits and Barriers of Cloud Storage

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On June 28, 2012, PRNewswire showed the results of a survey conducted about the public disposition towards cloud storage and its acceptance, through COMTEX in NATICK, Massachusetts. The details of the survey results can be viewed at

About three-fourth of the users of cloud storage claimed that their data could be retrieved within 24 hours. While, stats show one out of every 8 organizations not using cloud storage, claimed that it would take over a week to retrieve their data.

The audience comprised of respondents who had attended the Cloud Computing Expo held between 11 to 14 June at Javits centre, New York. They possessed an in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, with seventy-three percent of the total attendees having used some kind of cloud computing previously, while more than 28 percent of them have had exposure to cloud computing for more than 3 years.

Amongst the respondents, most of them were more interested in cloud storage than in any other cloud service, not even software-as-a-service (SaaS).

The respondents expressed the reasons for their preference towards cloud: forty percent stated it provided disaster recovery defense mechanism; thirty seven percent of the respondents were more inclined towards its convenient backup facility, while thirty five percent found it much more affordable as compared to hardware storage devices.

About three-fourth, or 72 percent, users of cloud storage claimed they could retrieve their data within 24 hours, as opposed to62 percent people- not users of cloud storage- for whom the recovery process takes much longer. One out of every eight organizations that are not users of cloud storage stated, “more than a week” would be spent in retrieving their data in case of data loss. Only 3percent of the cloud storage users shared the same opinion regarding their processing time for data recovery. More than 50 percent of the respondents affirmed the statement, “it seems like we are always running out of storage”.

Cloud computing has been adopted by organizations consisting of 51-250 employees, as well as by large businesses with over 5000 employees. Fifty percent of small organizations and thirty-seven percent of large organizations claimed to have used some application of cloud computing for over 3 years. Smaller organizations prefer cloud computing over the conventional computing for its easy management and affordability. On the other hand, large, global organizations prefer cloud computing to fulfill their requirement of supporting employees scattered around the globe.

The above mentioned survey was conducted by a famous cloud storage organization called TwinStrata, Inc. The survey can be taken at

About TwinStrata, Inc.

TwinStrata is a renowned for providing data storage facility, data security and data recovery mechanisms through cloud storage. Whether large or small, all types of organizations can avail the benefits of cloud storage, at the same time maintaining the accessibility, data protection measures and functioning of local storage.

TwinStrata CloudArray® works fine for all types of operating systems and provides many advantages including a pay-as-you-go model, ever increasing capacity, disaster protection and recovery, AES encryption and much more.

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