May 20, 2024

Generation Of Qualified Leads: Your Company Achieving Sales Success!

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Generation Of Qualified Leads: Your Company Achieving Sales Success!

The generation of qualified leads may be the missing detail to bring your potential customers closer and improve your company’s sales. So it is essential to know how to generate qualified leads and ensure that he understands how your business can be the solution to your problems.

No matter what your company’s current situation is, how to increase sales will always be one of the issues discussed during the meetings.

After all, the company depends on sales to ensure its livelihood and success. So, one of the best ways to win customers and sell more, is already getting ready to talk to the right people.

There is no point in a good marketing plan, well done with the company’s investment, but that does not reach the public that may really want to purchase the product.

So it is very important to understand how the generation of qualified leads works, so you can invest the company’s money in those who really matter.

So to understand how to generate qualified leads and how to increase sales with them, see our separate content on the following topics:

  • What are qualified leads
  • How to generate qualified leads
  • The impact of lead qualification on your business sales
  • Your company focusing on who matters most

What are Qualified Leads?

Leads are all the people who download some content from your site, that is, who request some production, and in return leaves some contact.

But for every website, service and product there is a huge diversity of people who can reach it, and even download the material.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate the leads between those that are really relevant to your company, and those that are not yet ready to know the service that your company offers.

In this case, the leads who are looking for a solution, that is, who are prepared to know your company in a receptive way are qualified leads.

According to the entire Inbound Marketing process, this is the lead who already knows that he has a problem, and is already thinking about some kind of solution.

Therefore, it is time for your company to start positioning itself to generate leads and attract you to your product or service.

And within this environment of qualified leads, there are nomenclatures to refer to the moment of the lead in the company.


The MQL is the marketing qualified lead, ie, that lead is now ready to consider the offers and products of their company as the solution to his problem.

Then you need to create a relationship so that he absorbs everything about the advantages of your company and then can complete a purchase.


But the SQL is the sales qualified lead, which means lead to sales, that is, it is next to MQL.

In the middle of the process there is also the SAL which is the sales accepted lead, which is the lead accepted by the sales team, but normally only MQL and SQL are mentioned.

So this lead has already passed the MQL phase and can now start receiving offers contacts for the acquisition of the company’s products or services.

How to generate Qualified Leads

Before understanding how to generate qualified leads, let’s just understand why they are important to understand how to increase your company’s sales.

What happens is that often the company in general ends up spending a lot of time and money on the leads that appear in its database.

But with a good study and a good generation of qualified leads it is only possible to dedicate the necessary time and investment with leads that have a greater chance of conversion.

This way, employees can dedicate themselves more towards qualified leads and improve their experience. And they can still better spend their time researching and targeting the people who can really benefit from the company.

But let’s finally see how to improve your company’s qualified lead generation to understand the impact of this process on strategies to sell more and better.

Know your Audience

None of the strategies to sell more and better will be successful if the company does not know who to target each of them.

So the first step is to know who you are talking to. Doing a survey of data and analyzing which types of profile come in contact and most close deals with your company can be a way to further segment your audience.

Thus, your company can dedicate itself better to people who fit this standard, and thus more and more manage to generate qualified leads in greater quantity, since the company knows who to talk to.

Qualified Content

If you know who to talk to, it’s time to know what to talk to. Each group of people who fit your company’s target audience may be attracted to a different type of content.

But let’s assume that you have a company that offers pet shop and veterinary services, but that your pet shop profits are exponentially higher than those of a veterinarian.

The first step is to invest exactly in pet shop content, so the generation of qualified leads can be greater since it is the “specialty” of the company where it can offer reference through the content.

That way the lead is polite to reach you, and even more, with good content, he will understand that you are the solution to his problem.

Social Networks

The use of social networks can be one of the means of creating a good image for your brand, so with digital positioning it is easier for your leads to reach you.

Some of them are even already aware of what they expect from their company and product. In addition, with the right social networks, such as LinkedIn, for example, it is possible to evaluate the profile of a possible qualified lead and thus have access and contact with him


A good way to attract qualified leads is to maintain a good relationship through social networks with your leads. So you can create a relationship and assist in the generation of qualified leads.

Therefore, social networks can be a good way to relate to your potential customers and thus not only maintain the relationship with those who are already customers, but also to win customers and sell more.

Landing Pages

The main function of landing pages is exactly the capture of leads, but it is possible to increase the chances of generating qualified leads with forms, for example.

In addition to making the e-book available when the landing page opens, propose an exchange, offering the content in exchange for some visitor data that can help you understand and define whether it is part of your possible list of qualified leads.

Thus, it is easier to know who is interested in your content, and already leaves you one step ahead for the nutrition of that visitor and now, possible customer.

Lead Score and Lead Track

The last good point to assist the generation of qualified leads of your company are the tools that offer lead score and lead tracking.

The first process refers to an automation of lead qualification, so if a visitor fills out some of the forms on your site, the tool will automatically set a score, that is, a score for that visitor.

This score will be defined on the basis of the tool’s evaluation with the information that the visitor informs, then it will compare each one with the predefined specifications of the ideal profile, and thus the lead score will be quantified.

Lead tracking, on the other hand, is the process of recording and analyzing all the pages visited by the lead, so it is easier to know the subjects of interest and thus continue with nutrition or start the sales process.

The impact of Lead Qualification on your Business Sales

With all these tips together and combining Inbound Marketing, your company will get to know the successful leads better and start investing in people who most possibly can bring some to it.

Thus, investments will have a more significant return. In addition, with the previous tips it is easier to understand not only how to handle the leads you already have.

But Attract New Qualified Leads to your Company!

This is done through adaptations and creations that are more attractive to the public that the company defines as ideal, and especially, the audience that most results in conversions.

So the company not only generates leads, but understands how to generate qualified leads, improving strategies to sell more and better.

Therefore, visitors who arrive at your company can be educated with Inbound Marketing techniques so that it is increasingly possible for them to understand that your company is the solution to their problems.

Your Company Focusing on who matters most

Now that you know how qualified lead generation works, you can start thinking about ways to apply all the tips on your company’s website so that it is increasingly possible to win customers and sell more.

And to ensure education and not lose the relationship with qualified leads, be sure to assign the tips to Inbound Marketing.

To further improve the use of these tips and different strategies, see our result Inbound Marketing content.

In addition, the answer to the question of how to increase sales will always be within your own business, so, as we talk about qualified leads, the best way to generate leads is to know your leads.

Therefore, the study of your own data and what will be done with this data is the best way to get good strategies to sell more and better.

And if in addition to these tips, you always want to know about ways to increase sales and the success of your business, keep following the Blogger Cage.

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