June 25, 2024

Hosters Likely to Hold 46% of Cloud Market

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NEW YORK- Hosters, with their past experience and a strong customer base, have an edge in the fast race of providing the best way to purchase cloud services for companies having less than 999 employees (small and medium sized businesses, SMBs).

According to the recent statistics provided by AMI-Partner’s ‘World Wide SMB route to Market model ’and ‘2012 U.S Hosters’ SMB Cloud Opportunity Playbook’, in 2012, the amount invested by Small and Medium businesses in Cloud services like SaaS, remote IT services, web hosting and IaaS is as much as $34 billion. About 46% of this amount comes through hosters.

The cloud services that small and medium businesses are most interested in include hosted infrastructure and remote management. Companies are inclining towards the cloud rapidly due to these services. Moreover, since SMBs have limited staff working dedicated to technology management, cloud solutions are usually more acceptable and preferred now.

AMI-Partner’s Research Analyst, Monik Sheth states, “a key reason that hosters are becoming a leading Cloud channel for SMBs is because they have proven they can effectively handle critical infrastructure, while providing the necessary level of support. Poor service can be an immediate deal breaker for any company, and SMBs are no different.” According to a study conducted by AMI, around one-third of the SMBs stated that they would change their Cloud service provider the moment they felt that the quality of the current services was not satisfactory.

As hosters have been providing internet services to SMBs since a long time, they are ready to provide a wide variety of other cloud services as well. For a better Cloud service, hosters are joining hands with downstream channel partners who can provide VAS to SMBs. By expanding their domains and providing vast services, hosters will soon occupy a significant position in the cloud market for SBMs.

Associated Studies

The five channels that carry the flow of the spending of SMBs as per AMI’s report are: Channel Partners, Retail, Vendor Direct, Direct Market Resellers (DMR), and Hosters Service Providers. This requires a 5 year preplanning of more than 90 ICT technologies over 50 regions. This type of model helps businesses validate their market.

The ‘SMB Cloud Opportunity Playbook’ by AMI provides widespread information regarding US Cloud market, the disposition towards purchase and the interest of SBMs towards it. The formal report includes the Small and Medium businesses’ disposition towards cloud services and their investment in it.

About AMI

AMI Partners make small and medium businesses its focal point and are experts in the areas of IT, Internet, telecom, business and market related domains. They are aiming to target large companies in near future for growth. By providing high quality data services and business tactics, AMI partners intend to strengthen their client base. The company has a strong managerial staff with vast work experience in their domains of specialization.

Access Markets International partners have devised various techniques of IT, internet, telecom and business services, for SMBs. AMI is famous for its IT and Internet based partitions of markets, its retainer and proprietary service.


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