June 17, 2024

How WordPress Thrives with a 100% Remote Workforce?

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WordPress.com and Automattic Inc, the company running WordPress needs no introduction as one of the world’s most popular websites and the company behind the world’s most powerful CMS platform. Well, it is now well known that the entire company runs its operation with a 100% remote workforce which is really uncommon given the size of the company and the kind of audience it caters to. If you have preferred WordPress development for your websites, how the company behind this leading CMS platform is run by a 100% distributed workforce, is something to reckon with. 

After the ongoing pandemic forced most companies and business establishments to run their operation by embracing a work from home protocol, the benefits of running a company with a remote workforce came to the forefront. As more and more companies are turning to “work from home”, WordPress is really a company to learn how to implement this to the business advantage. 

Let us explain our learning on how WordPress with a 100% remote workforce maintains its business.  

Boosting Creativity Through a Remote Workforce 

According to many experts, remote work helps boost the creativity of employees. Since employees are mostly on their own while they have a constant focus on getting the job done within the scheduled time, they often end up being creative with their work to ensure maximum productivity. 

It is true that WordPress is one of the most creatively driven companies and content platforms with a constant focus on making value additions. WordPress releases features and new updates frequently besides coming with quick help for millions of blogs and websites running on WordPress. WordPress development services company employees while working from home employ innovative ideas to get their job done while maintaining optimum productivity. 

Diversity of Remote Work 

By referring to remote work we just mean all the work that is done away from the office or company’s so-called designated workplace. But definitely, all remote workers are not the same and each type of remote work is different in its own way. So, while WordPress employees work from their home, there will be teams and individuals with different sets of tasks and priorities. 

For most digital innovations and tasks remote work perfectly suits the productivity standard and key requirements. But there can be employees who still miss their workplace cubicle and the teamwork facilitated by the physical proximity of team members. Well, for WordPress and many companies who embraced remote working to such an extent, innovative means like video conferencing and live streaming of meetings and discussions can help breach this gap. 

The Freedom of Remote Work Makes a Cultural Shift 

If you think that innovations are only the result of hiring the best talents and making large investments, you actually miss the key ingredient. Yes, work culture, or more precisely. workplace happiness is one of the most crucial requirements for fostering creativity and innovations. This is where companies like WordPress excels. Remote workforce not just fits their organizational culture of allowing maximum freedom but it also helps employees gain peace of mind that ultimately results in innovations or creative output. 

If an organization has a bureaucratic work culture that doesn’t allow flexible work processes like the mobile workforce or work from home, it is likely to suffer from a slow pace of innovations. So, in that way, the adaptation of a 100% remote workforce also signifies a cultural shift for a company. 

More Flexibility and Freedom of Choice 

The WordPress decision to embrace 100% remote workforce basically came with a message. Companies no longer can play the role of parents to their employees but should boast of a value system that presupposes employees as comrades in a mission. The businesses by allowing remote work or work from home actually create more flexibility and freedom of choice for the employees. 

When working from home or just away from the office employees often feel the extra bit of freedom and flexibility that they miss in the so-called enterprise environments. While real-time productivity and communication tools constantly help employees stay tuned with their work processes and other team members, even by working remotely they seldom have the scope to go slack on productivity. But nevertheless, the remote workforce enjoys much more flexibility and freedom when working away from the workplace. 

A Lot of Productivity Tools 

Just a decade ago for any company, it could be unthinkable to work with a 100% remote workforce. Well since then companies continued to find new software tools and applications that allow them more flexibility and boost their productivity. These tools have been a key impetus for the flourishing of the remote workforce all over the globe. Many companies now simply can allow their employees to work from home thanks to these productivity and collaboration tools. For WordPress employees also, it is very likely that the remote working tools are playing an important role. 

Throughout the past several years, we have come across an array of great productivity and collaboration tools for enterprises and remote employee teams. The Google Suite or Microsoft Suite of apps are now tremendously popular for the sole reason of their ease of access and collaboration. The real-time streaming apps and video conferencing apps on the other hand help team members stay tuned throughout the day and communicate whenever they need. From Skype calls to Google Hangouts conferencing to Slack based remote meetings, there are tools for everything for remote employees to stay connected and turned round the clock. 


Is a 100% distributed workforce the future? With so many positive aspects and favorable objective conditions, can 100% distributed workforce be the future of enterprise work processes? Well, irrespective of the possibilities that are going to unfold, this is undoubtedly a poignant question. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic making many of us learn the value of remote work in a harder way, 100% distributed workforce or remote workforce can as well be the future of enterprises with the proper distribution employees can also learn new skills in their free time by subscribing cooking course, dancing course, digital marketing course and many more. On the ground, the extensive popularity of on-demand services to the emergence of an array of remote collaboration and productivity tools to the mood of the employees swinging towards more freedom and flexibility, everything seems to push for this.

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