April 20, 2024

The Most Capitalized Companies to get Advantage from Cloud Application Adoption!

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The cloud services should now be given consideration by any and every organization as per the Trend 2012 and USA cloud adoption. It is an increasing trend in terms of both; competence and coverage. According to the cited research and study, 5 top most businesses to be benefited from this adoption are: IT and technology, Education, Manufacturing, Business and professional services and Government.

Following are some of the many advantages of cloud computing that can be maximized by employing cloud applications and cloud services:


Cloud applications will increase the efficiency of educational system nationwide or statewide through the latest technologies which are also made available to the less privileged education centers not merely the top institutions. Geographical location would no longer be a barrier in the class attendance. This not only enhances the knowledge sharing but also fortifies the team collaboration.


Manufacturers take the cloud applications as the most important tool for the IT advancement in the future. It allows the IT manufacturers to evade the technical as well as business issues that would otherwise have taken place in their own data centers. This also allows them to pay for the utilized services hence becoming a cost effective solution. In cloud computing, the huge remote internet servers are accessed by the manufacturers just the same way as their own.

The manufacturers are now able to be virtually present at every location in the world through employing three major components namely; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). This enables the manufacturers to explore business opportunities globally and link with the IT infrastructure.

Travel and Hospitality

Cloud computing can possibly provide the travel and hospitality companies with many convenient solutions in this competitive world. Without any paper expense, it allows people to book the desired flights for travelling, reserve places for accommodation and not only that but also make online payments through the companies accounts system.

The customers will not have to connect to the airlines and travel service individually as all of that can be dealt through single transaction system.

Health Industry

Apart from the other services, cloud computing can potentially perk up the huge and portioned health industry. This industry comprises of patients, insurance companies, hospitals, laboratories and physicians. The cloud benefits the health industry in innumerable ways. Better quality patient data updates, easier updates, better communication with the patients, higher consumer lifestyle choices and more appropriate choice of following the specified courses of patients treatments are some of the benefits gained through cloud computing.

The benefits of employing cloud computing and cloud applications are uncountable. There’s no way the industries would not employ it to maximize their benefits and profits. However, the organizations and the institutions need to select the right solutions to get benefited from cloud computing.

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