July 17, 2024

Top Apps to Help Patients and Fitness Enthusiasts Stay Healthy During Lockdown

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Healthcare organizations are turning towards applications that can run on handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones and wearable devices as well. These apps come in handy to support physicians, doctors, and caregivers who work day in and day out to help people who face health and emotional problems.  These applications are capable enough to play a variety of roles including accessing information in various databases, monitoring patients who are receiving care and treatment in the community.

Many of these apps are very important for users and medical personnel alike. Some of these apps are in limited use or still require iterations and updates. Looking at the current scenario where Coronavirus is an ongoing nightmare, many apps mentioned below can be of good use. However, you need to stay alert and updated with the news and regular developments regarding the virus and the lockdown schedules on a prompt basis. For that, you can watch the news on different channels. In this regard, I would suggest that you should have a look at the spectrum select channel numbers that are available at affordable rates.  Here are a few apps that can help patients and healthcare personnel:

United Healthcare

According to United Healthcare, the app is available to members who follow certain UHC plans and is not currently available to Medicaid or people who are Dual Special Needs Plan members only. These guys will make information about claims and pharmacy benefits after some time in the future. The app makes things easier for users and helps them find doctors, specialists and other healthcare facilities according to the location you are in. You can also share your insurance ID card using your device and never get to worry about losing your card again. Use Health Safe ID™ to access nearly all the UnitedHealth digital tools by using just one username and password securely.

Google Play Rating: 4.5

My Chart

The app puts your health information within your reach and helps you manage the way you care for yourself and members of your family. The app is a great medium to communicate with your healthcare team, review test results, health information including medications, immunization history and a lot more. You can connect using your Google Fit account and pull information regarding your health right into the MyChart app. You can also share your medical record from almost any location with almost anyone with internet access in a secure way. Apart from that, managing and scheduling your appointments that include in-person visits and visits using video is quite easy.

Google Play Rating: 4.2

K Health | Telemedicine

K Health is one easy and affordable way to receive digital primary and use smart technology to make medical care come at an affordable price. The app is quite simple and reliable and you can chat with K and learn ways doctors diagnose and treat so many people having similar symptoms and don’t have to wait for your turn and get answers that you can trust. You can connect with an expert and discuss treatment options by reviewing your case and get you the best treatment plans and prescribe medication or tests if required. Experts working with you can get you help with symptoms of cold and flu, Coronavirus, pain in the back and neck, chest pains, bladder infections, stress, anxiety, fatigue, rashes and many other medical conditions that you might be experiencing.

Google Play Rating: 3.8

Sleep Cycle

The app is best for people looking for a way to stimulate their sleep and improve the way you sleep. The app helps you keep a track of your sleeping hours and uses your sound and movement to conduct its analysis. Also, it makes sure that you wake up. Some free features include sleep analysis with the app’s patented sound technology, detailed and statistical representation of your daily sleeping patterns and wakes you up to carefully selected melodies

Google Play Rating: 4.5


ActiveX became the first community-based fitness apps on Google Play Store. You can use the app’s Tabata-based workouts which makes the overall usage of the app quite unique. The app is good for people who are willing to have group training sessions using in-app coaching features as well. During the current lockdown situation, the app can become one amazing way to stay fit and healthy. The app can track your body compositions including your body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, basal metabolism, muscle, and many other variables.

Google Play Rating: 3.3

Home Workout – No Equipment

The app offers all premium workouts to users until July 1st. To help people cope up with the unhealthy yet secure situation where people cannot gather in gyms due to the outbreak, the app is offering almost all workouts for free to help you boost your immune system and stay fit while staying at home. The app gets your daily workouts for all the main muscle groups that you can build up in a few minutes. You don’t need any specialized equipment and all exercises can be performed using your body weight. You can perform workouts for your abs, legs, arms, and hips along with other parts of your body and get an amazing, tone shape and six-packs while being at home. All in all, you have a complete fitness expert right there in your pocket.

Google Play Rating: 4.8


Healthcare and fitness is the need of the day. In the current crisis situation where there is a complete lockdown in almost all the countries of the world and people are recommended to stay indoors and maintain social distancing, keeping yourself healthy might’ve become challenging for many people. Using the apps mentioned above can be one way to stay healthy and fit without spending a lot of money and time.

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