June 19, 2024

Digital Sales: 3 Reasons Online Shopping Is Only Getting Bigger

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There is no denying that online shopping is becoming one of the most popular ways for consumers to shop. In fact, the 2016 Black Friday numbers show that online shopping surpassed in-store shopping for the first time ever, with the numbers having been dead even the year before. But why is online shopping so popular? Here are 3 key reasons that consumers are turning to their computers and mobile devices instead of stores for their shopping needs.

Shopping From Home

With online shopping, you no longer need to drive to stores to get what you want. Not only does the option save you gas money, but it means you don’t even have to get dressed. It’s a quick, convenient option in today’s increasingly busy world. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is pretty appealing during cold winter months or on lazy days when you just don’t feel like putting on pants.

Wide Variety

The World Wide Web offers an unparalleled level of browsing that no store can possibly compete against. Any product you could desire is one click away, while traditional stores are limited by space for stock and cost of goods stored. While stores might offer a limited variety of products for the consumer, online shopping is nearly limitless, with thousands of companies to buy from. If it is for sale, chances are you can find it online with a simple search. And if the product is unavailable from one seller, you can just click on another seller without ever leaving your chair, let alone driving across town.

Coupons and Promotions

Many online shopping sites offer coupons or promotions to new and returning shoppers. These can vary from free shipping, buy one get one free or discounted prices. Some companies have regular email offers and discounts for those who get friends to sign up. Regular sales and discounts are shared on social media sites and present an attractive option to consumers looking to get the most for their money. Most online stores offer incentive programs that allow for free shipping on orders over a certain amount. You can even use apps like Joinesty that find the coupon codes for you. Access to discounts has never been easier than it is now!

Shopping from the comfort of your own home, online promotions and a wider variety of products are just some of the reasons that consumers are turning to online shopping with greater frequency than ever before. Money savvy corporations are cashing in on these trends with increased internet storefront presence and shoppers are taking notice.

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