May 20, 2024

HP-Certified Cloud Solution Bestowed Upon SHI Managed Private Cloud

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An announcement was made by HP cloud system hosting partner SHI international that it has gained certification from HP for its Managed Private Cloud (MPC) solution. The solution would be available to general consumer via HP direct sales channel. This extension in partnership would ensure that HP customers interested in purchasing private cloud services can opt for SHI’s (MPC) by ordering it through HP sales representative.

SHI Managed Private Cloud has HP CloudSystem solutions as its founding block and is appliance based channel for cloud computing. The MPC allows SHI’s labs to remotely monitor an organization’s data, as it uses Managed Private Vcore which enables virtual machines to coexist with company’s data center.

“Organizations are looking for ways to immediately access additional capacity for critical applications, but keep their IT costs under control,” declared Patrick Harr, Americas vice president, Cloud Sales and Solutions, HP. “With SHI’s Managed Private Cloud, HP customers have the flexibility to tap into secure, high-performance services on demand, freeing budget to focus on innovation and growth.”

Certain government and industry imposed rules dictate that enterprise data remains securely tucked behind a company’s firewall which culls its ability to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing. SHI’s MPC distinguishes itself by negating this barrier with provision of cloud environment while still remaining within the rules.

“When we set out to design and build our cloud infrastructure we needed to select the best technology to build our solution, and the HP cloud portfolio met our requirements for hardware and software solutions,” said Henry Fastert, SHI’s Chief Technologist and the Managing Partner for Enterprise Solution Services. “This extension of the HP CloudAgile relationship gives HP customers new flexibility for integrating HP CloudSystem solutions—namely, SHI’s Managed Private Cloud—into their IT strategies.”

About SHI

SHI came into existence in 1989, and is a worldwide provisionary of technology products and services with net worth of $4 billion and counting. It is comprised of the most capable and awe worthy sales force and supported by professional experts like software volume licensing, hardware procurement and certified IT experts. SHI’s clientele includes: Corporate, Enterprise, Public Sector, and Academic customers. SHI is a huge scale multinational organization with 1900 employees on its payroll. SHI is further distinguished by the fact that its largest minority and woman owned business enterprise in the United States and currently occupies 18th spot on VAR 500 list of North American IT companies.

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